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Christian Counseling & Coaching


You Deserve More, You can Have More, It's Time for You to Thrive!

Christian counseling with Royalty with Purpose, LLC allows you a safe place to share your heart, your struggles, challenges, your shame, and your insecurities without judgement.  Our counselors walk alongside you and provide guidance with a Faith perspective, so you can gain clarity and take the necessary steps towards living a Purpose fulfilled life. 


In this world we live in there are many challenges we encounter daily that position us to give up on ourselves, our goals, our relationships, and our dreams. Just because you have experienced hardship, valley seasons, or setbacks does not mean your life is over. Royalty with Purpose, LLC will help you overcome your life's challenges and assist with your life transitions that may cause you to become stagnant.

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Christian counseling


Why Should You  Schedule with Royalty with
Purpose, LLC?

  1. Experienced Faith Counselors: Our counselors at Royalty with Purpose are not only grounded in their Christian Faith, but also Licensed Clinical Social Workers with a vast experience working with Young Adults, Adults, Families, Couples, and Veterans. 

  2. Judgement Free and Confidential Environment: We understand the stigma of "seeking help from others "and wanting to know you can trust the person to whom you share and what you share. At Royalty with Purpose you can trust that what personal information you share will be kept strictly confidential. We provide the autonomy for you to freely express yourself without criticism or judgement.

  3. Flexible Scheduling Options: We offer various options to facilitate your needs and preferences. You can choose from in-person sessions, online, and/or a combination of both. We strive to make sessions accessible and convenient for you by offering afternoon and weekend appointments.

  4. Successful Outcomes: Royalty with Purpose services have helped numerous individuals and couples find growth, enlightenment, healing, and reconciliation. Through a Faith and Strengths perspective approach, we're committed to helping you experience transformation and a renewed mindset to thrive in your life relationally, emotionally, and spiritually

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